Unitized Curtain Wall

Unitized Curtain Wall

The astonishing progress in the design and construction of very high-rise buildings over the past 25 years has called for considerable innovation in the means of making and installing the building envelope. Today, and no doubt in the future, glass and aluminum will feature as the dominant materials of choice to satisfy this “love affair” with glazed façades.

The combination of taller buildings, faster construction schedules and rising labour costs have lead to the development of cladding systems which are substantially built off-site and which are designed to the accelerate installation productivity on site.

The unitized system curtain walling is logical response to these demands and brings the benefits of mass-production into play.

Unitization also makes use of advanced labour practices in fabrication and supervision resulting in output of high quality, close tolerances and fast efficient delivery.

For buildings higher than 20 floors, unitized curtain wall panels can be attached by operatives working at the edge of the slab in conjunction with a skilled crane operator.

All seals and gaskets are pre-installed and the connection of one panel to its neighbour provides pressure-equalised selfdraining properties according to the “rainscreen” principle to ensure no infiltration of air or water to the interior of a building, and that smoke / fire-stop materials are correctly and accurately positioned.

The system can accommodate openable windows and spandrel panels with insulated back-pans.